Affiliate Space

The Center for American Political Studies has office space available for affiliates, to support research, the launching of programs, and foster a lively exchange of ideas within a multidisciplinary community. If would like to occupy an office, please fill out the following application. CAPS requires that affiliates who would like to occupy CAPS-controlled office space reapply every year. 
Applications are due and will be processed beginning June 1. Occupancy can begin on July 1. If applications are submitted after June 1, offices can still be allocated if available. For the 2021-2022 fiscal year, applications are due August 1 and occupancy can begin August 30.
The following criteria will determine how office space is allocated:

  • Equity - we seek to provide everyone with at least some space
  • Need - some projects may require more space or may be time sensitive
  • Continuity - current use of an office will be taken into consideration when an occupant reapplies
  • Application submission date

If you have any questions, please email