Art Exhibitions

CAPS presents a rotating series of art exhibitions, with accompanying talks and events, that reflect and spark conversations around American politics. These exhibitions are curated by CAPS Program Manager, Laura Donaldson. 

Joanna Tam: American Studies, 2019

Sept. 2019- June 2022

CAPS is pleased to present the work of Joanna Tam in a solo exhibition, American Studies, 2019. On view are works from Tam's Athletes Study (An Imported Edition), a series of photographs from 2013 wherein Tam mimicks the facial expressions and gestures of foreign born professional athletes as they stand for the U.S. national anthem before their games. She asks, what does this common practice mean to those non-Americans? A series of four letters, Dear Mr. President, presents the letters she wrote to and received from President...

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Oscar Palacio: American History, Re-Visited

Oct. 2016 - July 2019

CAPS is pleased to present the work of Oscar Palacio, in the solo exhibition American History, Re-Visited. This series of photographs investigates the construction of place and history in the United States by focusing on popular historic sites which have both embedded meanings and assumed historical narratives, as well as sites of more recent historical and political import.

Palacio: "For the past ten years, I have been photographing in and around historic sites where the dividing line between natural and constructed environments...

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Catherine D'Ignazio: Campaign Limericks

March - Oct. 2016

Campaign Limericks is a project by Catherine D'Ignazio, with the Institute for Infinitely Small Things, that quantitatively analyzes recent speeches by the top four U.S. presidential candidates during the 2016 election. By remixing candidates' top words and phrases on the campaign trail we produce limericks about politics, campaigning and the political process that were never spoken outright (but maybe should have been).

These limericks are data...

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