Political Analytics Conference 2016


Friday, April 1, 2016, 10:00am to 5:30pm


Tsai Auditorium, CGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge Street*

*This event has concluded, to see video of the conference please click here.*

The 21st century has seen a rapid influx of big data, computation, and analytical reasoning transform almost every walk of life. 2016 promises to be the year when data analysis reaches new levels of domination in the election cycle. We invite you to explore the big questions with speakers who live at the heart of political analytics. Join us in examining how and why political analytics are changing right now.

Political Analytics is a one-day conference at Harvard University featuring top minds from media, politics, and academics. We are starting an exciting conversation about the growing role of data and analytics in determining the winners and losers in politics. Our goal is to promote new methods, technology, and discussions for the improved analysis of politics. The conference is open to the public and will feature a variety of discussions and dynamic presentations by leaders in the field.

Partial list of speakers:
Nate Silver Founder & Editor in Chief, FiveThirtyEight
Steve Kornacki MSNBC
Kristen Soltis Anderson Co-Founder, Echelon Insights
Barney Frank Former U.S. Representative
Kirk Goldsberry FiveThirtyEight
Ryan Enos Harvard University
Ana Marie Cox The New York Times
Jeremy Bird Founding Partner, 270 Strategies
Simon Jackman Standford University
Bradley Spahn Standford University
Carrie Sheffield Founder, Bold
Wesley Morris The New York Times
Amanda Cox The Upshot
Anthony Salvanto CBS News
Clare Malone FiveThirtyEight
Karl Gude Michigan State University
Mark Penn Founding Partner, The Stagwell Group
Natalie Jackson The Huffington Post
Brendan Nyhan Dartmouth

To see a full list of speakers and schedule please visit the conference website.

This event is sponsored by Microsoft and the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard.