Video of past events:

Political Analytics Conference, Nov. 16, 2018:
(Conference wesbite:
Video links below also include Hackathon Presentations & Lighening Talks
Intro & Panel 1: Measuring & Mapping the Midterms
Panel 2: Tech Firms, Misinformation, & Moderation
Panel 3: Data Journalism in the Midterms
Panel 4: Gerrymandering: Data and Fairness

Political Analytics Conference, Mar. 31, 2017:
Intro & Panel 1: Maps, Graphics, and Analytics
Panel 2: The Big Boards on Election Night
Panel 3: Digital Media, Technology, and Analytics
Panel 4: Forecasting (preceded by Hackathon presentation)
Panel 5: Identity Politics: What's Next? (preceded by Hackathon presentation)
Panel 6: Analytics and Campaign 2016 (preceded by Hackathon presentation)
Panel 7: News Media 2016: What Happened? (preceded by Hackathon presentation)
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Political Analytics Conference, Apr.1, 2016
Panel 1: Mapping the Electorate
Panel 2: Recapping the Primary
Panel 3: Predicting November
Panel 4: Academic Presentations on Cutting-Edge Research in Analytics
Panel 5: The State of Political Media
Panel 6: Lightning Talks
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Tocqueville Lecture with Bruce Western and Stephen Tourlentes, Feb. 17, 2016
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Launch Event for Anti-Slavery and Anti-Segregation Petitions Digital Archive, Oct. 27, 2015
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