Past Undergraduate Fellow

Martin Berger

2018 Undergraduate Fellow

Thesis title and description:

“Stay Away: Sex Offense Registries and Obstacles to Reentry”

How do sex offense registries in the United...

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Bailey Colfax

2018 Undergraduate Fellow
African American Studies/History

Thesis title and description:

"The Immortal Super Predator: How a Theory Disavowed by All Continues to Stalk our Streets"

In 1995, the...

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John Cooper

2020 Undergraduate Fellow
Environmental Science & Public Policy

Thesis title and description:
"Process Tracing in the Development of Expert-Driven Water Law"


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Grace Evans

2018 Undergraduate Fellow
Social Studies

Thesis title and description:

"Sanctuary Not Deportation: Political Opportunity and Movement Success in Texas and California Sanctuary Networks...

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Jonah Hahn

2017 Undergraduate Fellow
Social Studies

Thesis title and description:

"The Social Stories of Economic Struggle in the Rust Belt"

Throughout the 2016...

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Liz Hoveland

Undergraduate Fellow, 2021

Liz is a 2021 CAPS Undergraduate Fellow, writing a thesis entitled "Flies Spread Disease, Keep it Zipped: How The Right's Influence Affected Sex...

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