Undergraduate Seed Grant

CAPS undergraduate research seed grants are available to juniors and seniors who are conducting research on modern (post-Civil War) American politics. The maximum amount of the grant is $250. To apply for a CAPS undergraduate seed grant, send an e-mail to caps@gov.harvard.edu. The e-mail should include: your full name, your concentration/year, a brief description of your project, and a budget detailing the research-related expenses for which you need support. You must also include the name and email contact of one reference (faculty or graduate student) who is your advisor or can speak to your project. If your request is related to a thesis project the reference should be your thesis advisor. Your e-mail application will be reviewed by CAPS, and a decision will be made usually within one to two weeks. There is no application deadline, students may apply anytime, but please note that review times can vary throughout the year, you are strongly encouraged to apply as far in advance as possible of needing the funding.